Marc Feinberg





“John built us two websites and successfully drove new business to our gourmet market in Lake Worth.”
Marc Feinberg, Owner, Donna Marie’s

Conrad Feagin

“Pragmatic is among an elite group of web design firms who truly understand what the business owner needs…”
Conrad Feagin, Owner, Technicallead.com

Victoria Francis





“Provided sound, direct, and professional advice as well as producing high-quality marketing materials.”
Victoria Francis, Life/Business Coach at Positive Transitions Coaching

Alec Gaspard





“John consistently ensures the right concerns are addressed, has the important conversations, and is focused on customers and their needs.”
Alec Gaspard, Director, Quality Assurance at MediaWhiz Holdings

Mike Glubke





“Understands all aspects of putting together an effective marketing program which strengthens the message and brand.”
Mike Glubke, President/CEO/Owner at Dynamic Campus Solutions

Mahendran Jawaharlal





“Diligent, hardworking, and resourceful…”
Mahendran Jawaharlal, COO at Campus Management

Dan Magni,





“A strategist and a visionary… practical, pragmatic and polished.”
Dan Magni, Program Management, Project Management Consultant

Marty Major





“Dr. John Elcik was my go-to expert…”
Marty Major, Director of Partner Development at Savant Learning Systems

Dave Monaghan





“What continues to set John apart is the creativity that he brings to assignments…”
Dave Monaghan, Account Manager at PLATO Learning