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The Basics of Web Design

If you’re looking for a simple definition of web design, you could say that it is the art of creating visually pleasing and functional web pages using various tools. But because there is such a grand variety of tools, one person’s web design may be completely different from another. We can agree, I think, on the fact that there is an art to designing a website. One of the key ingredients to designing a site is understanding the main purpose of the site. Is it going to be a commercial site? Is it going to be an exposition site? Will it be a simple weblog? The purpose of the site will play a large role in determining the best design for it.

Any website design needs to be pleasant to look at and easy to get around on. The site navigation is essential, especially for a commercial site. If your prospective clients or customers can’t find their way around the site easily, they may very well head off to another to spend their money. All websites are, in some way, an effort to gain an audience for a business, a product, or a person. The design of the site should be representative of that.
Pragmatic Web Designer

Dr. John P. Elcik, IV
The Pragmatic Web Designer