Welcome to identityXperts! We buy, sell, and develop digital real estate. Our mission is to monetize digital assets through sound branding, compelling copy, pragmatic web design, and aggressive marketing.  This website is a custom design of our own making as are the following:



Beaded NecklacesAn online shopping experience where you can easily find Beaded Necklaces and other fashion jewelry made using European (large-hole) beads. And for those that have a DIY interest, we carry beads, pendants, chains, and other items to create your own fashions. Our special focus is on European beads and Betsey Johnson pendants. Our combining of these two products into unique creations is a popular way to express one’s personality. Buy awesome, be awesome.™ Visit Website

Digital Downloads

Halloween Spookmaster

I am a Halloween enthusiast myself, and I, along with my other friends, have tried out different exciting ways to celebrate this eerie holiday season full of fun. I have brought together my years of experience, ideas, and innovative tricks to offer you an amazing website. It includes a wide collection of interesting ideas, tips, and innovative tricks for making fun this season.  Many are free. – The Spookmaster Visit Website

Membership Site

My Cousins

MyCousins.org is a free members-only website where you can view our eBook, MyCousins – A Shared Journey. The story of the collaboration building a shared family tree that, true to the MyCousins title, covers much more than the Elcik surname. The eBook consists of 652 emails, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts. Read sequentially, and it will be as if you are looking over our shoulders as we share an ancestry journey. We traveled far. Alternately, use categories to find topics of potential interest. Finally, the fast and powerful search box will search the entire book for a word or phrase.   Use one or all three approaches.  And enjoy! Visit Website


B2B Consulting

Pragmatic Web Designer Individual? Small business? Want a website you can afford but don’t know where to start? We’re Pragmatic. We know web design and share the secrets. Pragmatic specializes in creating timely, practical, and relevant websites. We offer real-world, tangible benefits. We also work with you to incorporate social networking, email campaigns and blogging into your marketing mix to generate amazing results. Pragmatic


Princess of Crafts
Passionate about crafting, through the years, Pamela Elcik worked hard to hone her skills and take on each crafting project that comes her way. PrincessofCrafts.com shows her authority on the subject of crafting while educating serious crafters and hobbyists alike. Visit Website