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Princess of Crafts“I have 10 crafts projects piled in the closet (the important ones I can’t risk losing), four in the dining room (I’m going to tackle those this weekend), another on the kitchen table (the pressure of moving it every time we eat is going to spur me into action)…and that doesn’t even count the dozens of half-finished and never-begun projects stored in the basement.

Sound familiar? What is it about crafters that make us simultaneously work on a truckload of projects? All the while, we continue collecting the wares for future projects ad infinitum. I’d like to think, for myself, it’s my incredibly proficient multi-tasking skills as a mother—but alas, I think I’m just crazy about crafting.”


(Pam is an authority on the subject of crafting, though she often defers in such matters to her alter ego Jessie who yearns to be Queen!)