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List Building Strategy #5 – Guest Blogging

List BuildingGuest blogging is a great shortcut when it comes to getting traffic and subscribers for a new blog. Think about it for a minute. There are already some popular blogs out there that have a broad readership. Those readers are interested in what you have to say, the things you blog about, the content you share in your newsletter or autoresponder messages, and of course, the offers you have to make (be it your products or affiliate offers).

How to find guest blogging opportunities

Start with some blogs you already know of in your niche. Look for popular blogs that get at least five comments per post. Comments are a great way to judge how popular a particular blog is.

You can also find blogs by using Google’s blog search engine at Search for some of your main keywords and see what posts and blogs come up.

A third option is to use It’s a directory of blogs, and you can search for posts or entire blogs that fit your criteria.

No matter what method you use, spend some time this week to find about ten popular blogs.

How to approach the owner

If tempted to sit down and email each blog owner about a potential guest blog post, do yourself a favor, DON’T. Instead, spend a little time reading each of these blogs and get in the habit of commenting on it a few times per week.

After a week or two of doing this, the blogger will start to recognize your name, especially if you take your time and write great comments.

Your next step will be to write a great guest blog post. Once it’s all done, email the whole thing to the blog owner. The idea here is to make it easy for them to post it. If the blog post is right there, nicely formatted, and all they have to do is copy and paste it, they’ll be much more likely to do it.

Don’t forget the follow-up.

Once your guest blog post goes live, get a lot more out of each post by spending a little extra time and effort. Keep an eye on the blog, and as soon as you see your blog post on there, tweet about it, mention it on Facebook, and bookmark it on a few social sites like delicious. Create a little extra buzz and traffic for both you and the blog owner.

And that’s a good thing. The more traffic and attention the guest post gets, the more traffic your blog gets. More importantly, the blog owner will notice your efforts and the positive effect your guest blog post has on his blog. Once that happens, your chances of being invited back for more guest blog posts go way up.

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