Why it's never about usWhy it’s never about us

Welcome to identityXperts! Its never about us. Yes, we buy, sell, and develop digital real estate. But our mission is to help you monetize digital assets through sound branding, compelling copy, pragmatic web design, and aggressive marketing. identityXperts specializes in creating timely, practical, and relevant brands. We offer real-world, tangible benefits.
Dr. John Elcik

Sound branding

To connect and interact with consumers builds awareness and generates an affinity with the brand in a targeted, yet organic way. We excel in creating the look & feel that represents your company’s attitude and message. Offering a range of social media services permits us to educate, facilitate and incorporate social media into your business marketing mix. This ensures that your messages reach – and engage – potential and existing customers.

Compelling copy

Relevant, well-written content is king, the key feature of a top-ranking website. A competitive search engine optimization strategy recognizes this. We write copy, to satisfy both online consumers and the search engine crawlers or spiders (programs or automated scripts that browse the Internet methodically to provide up-to-date data to a particular search engine). We write unique web content that is pertinent to your industry, making your company an authority to both consumers and spiders.

Pragmatic web design

Do you know that advertising is a turn-off? Web users have learned to stop paying attention to any ads that get in the way of their goal-driven navigation. Creative navigation is a loser. Folks will not invest a great deal of time in learning to navigate your site if it differs widely from the majority of websites. So what rules do you break at your own peril? Are you aware that missing information costs visitors? Certain critical information, if not present, will quickly send visitors away. This is so easy to fix. But do you know what the fixes are? You need to. By understanding your requirements and target market our customized designs foster a professional presence that enhances your image.

Aggressive marketing

We will work with you, to incorporate social networking, email campaigns, and blogging into your marketing mix in order to generate results that amaze. Your site will be in the best position to reach and turn qualified consumer traffic at the best possible conversion rates and, ultimately, increase the number of sales with our marketing strategy and tactics.